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On Stage Summer 2014 Schedule (Classes start June 9th)





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Studio 1

Studio 3

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Studio 1

Studio 3

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Studio 1

Studio 3

Studio 7

Studio 8

  2:30-3:30Ballet 1(Marshall)
 3:45-4:30K-2nd Combo(currently taking names only)(Sprouse) 3:30-4:30Modern(McCurdy)  3:00-4:15Ballet IV A(Marshall)  3:30-4:30Mini Co
Prep Class(1-2nd)(Sprouse)
3:30-4:30Senior BalletConditioning(Marshall)


3:30-4:30Adv Tumbling(Louthan) 3:30-4:30Int BHip Hop(Pedersen/Cole)
4:30-5:30Jazz IV A(Sprouse) 4:15-5:30Ballet IV B(Marshall) 4:30-5:30Modern I(McCurdy) 4:00-4:45Point(Marshall)*instructor permission 4:30-5:30SeniorCo Prep class (7-8th)(Sprouse) 4:30-5:15Preschool 2
(currently taking names only)(Pedersen)
4:30-5:30Int Tumbling(Louthan) 4:30-5:30K-2nd Hip Hop(Pederson/Cole)
5:30-6:30Jazz IV B(Sprouse) 5:30-6:30Ballet III-A(Marshall) 5:30-6:30Modern III(McCurdy)  5:00-5:451-2nd Combo(Sprouse) 5:00-6:15Ballet III B(Marshall) 5:30-6:30Kicks, leaps, turns9-13 yrs(Sprouse) 5:30-6:30Teen BalletConditioning(Marshall) 5:30-6:30Beg Tumbling(Louthan) 5:30-6:30Beg Hip Hop(Pedersen/Cole) 
6:30-7:30Jazz III(Sprouse) 6:30-7:30Ballet II A(Marshall) 6:30-7:30Modern IV(McCurdy)  5:45-6:30Preschool 1(Sprouse) 6:15-7:30Ballet II-III(Marshall)  6:30-7:30Teen Co. Prep class(5-6th)(Sprouse) 6:30-7:30pm
Adv Hip Hop(Cole)
7:30-8:30Jazz I-II(Sprouse) 7:30-8:30Modern(McCurdy)  7:30-8:30Ballet V(Marshall) 6:30-7:15Pre-K(Sprouse)  7:30-8:30Junior Co.Prep class(3-4th)


7:30-8:30Int Hip Hop(Cole) 
7:30-8:30*Adv Jazz Tech/Combo(Sprouse)

*Open classes **Ballet class is required with any students taking jazz class unless it is an open class

                                                              Cash price                 Autopayment price

45 min Class                                                    $40                  $35 per month

1 hr per week                                                 $45                  $40 per month

1 hr 15 min per week                                      $50                  $45 per month

1 hr ½ per week                                             $55                  $50 per month

Additional classes                                           $30                  $25 per month

*Sibling discount of $5 per month after 1st child. 

*Prorate (only allowed if one week notice of prior month given-during summer only)

$10 per class 45 min   $ 12 per class for hour or more

Team Prep Class Rates for Summer: (tuition only-cash price- EFT $5 less)

Mini Company Prep Class (includes prep class and ballet) $70 per month

Junior, Teen, Senior Company (includes one hour jazz, ballet and prep class) $95, $100 if (if 1 hr 15 of ballet)

Company Prep Class Members with Unlimited for Summer  $170 per month

Those interested in Auditioning for teams must take during summer as we will be learning audition material and working on building our technique and flexibility so we are ready to start learning routines in Sept J Auditions will be held on Aug 19th & 20th in Cedar

Class Descriptions:

      On Stage Dance Studio Class Descriptions:

**Class clothing required within 2 weeks from starting of Class!

All classes will be performing in Annual Studio Recital, some classes will be given additional performances TBA


Pre School, Pre-K and Preteam  Combo
A program for 3-7 year olds, with 45 min.  Technique is covered in ballet, tap, and tumbling.  All of these serve a purpose; ballet is the foundation for all dance, tap introduces musicality and rhythm while developing coordination, and tumbling builds muscles and improves gross motor skills.  Requirements: any choice of dance attire (just not distracting to student-no jeans or street clothes), black tap and ballet shoes (not ballet slippers must be ballet shoes, ties must be tied and cut off or tucked in for class). Costume for Spring Recital approx $65 includes: costume, tights and earrings.  ALL FEES ARE DUE Feb 1st.
The foundation of all dance forms, ballet takes you into the world of classical music and teaches discipline, and grace for all dancers. Technique-based training is offered from a young level, teaching correct placement and knowledge of the body as a fine-tuned instrument.  Requirements: Black leotard (Capezio style # TB1420 & TB1420C), convertible theatrical pink tights, and pink split sole canvas ballet shoes.  Elastasplit by Bloch are new and a great choice in ballet shoe.  Black ballet skirt is optional, no boy shorts. These items can be purchased at (in upper right click “Dance Teacher Program” then enter “On Stage Dance Studio or Heather Sprouse” as the student to find all the requirements listed on website.  You can also purchase at Dance Magic in St.George (they have a list of requirements)

* End of Year recital will require purchase of black tutu will be ordered by studio ($15, it will be used each year so only new students have to purchase), and performance button earrings (Available at Dance Magic)
A stylized form of dance using many rhythms to coordinate and strengthen the body. Various styles include lyrical, traditional, and stylized jazz.  This class emphasizes the latest in jazz style from LA and New York. Requirements: Dancer must be enrolled in a ballet class. *Ballet is required to take any jazz class.  Any style of tight dance attire (fit body form so teachers may see correct form), and your choice of jazz shoe, pirouette shoe or foot mitten. For recital you must have the Capezio Pedini Shoe in Carmel. This item can be purchased at (in upper right click “Dance Teacher Program” then enter “On Stage Dance Studio or Heather Sprouse” as the student to find all the requirements listed on website.  You can also purchase at Dance Magic in St.George (they have a list of requirements) For end of the year recital we will wear On Stage shirt given at registration, bottoms (style and color TBA), body tight and capezio pedini (color-carmel), and performance button earrings 16mm button rhinestone earrings.


Modern dance is a more relaxed, free style of dance in which choreographer’s uses emotions and moods to design their own steps, in contrast to ballet’s structured code of steps. It has a deliberate use of gravity, whereas ballet strives to be light and airy. Requirements: Comfortable dance attire, bare feet.  Requirements: $40 costume rental for the year. Students will be responsible to return all parts of rental at end of the year.  ALL FEES ARE DUE FEB. 1st!
Hip Hop
This street style dance form sets upbeat rhythm-based movement to various styles of funky music. Building upon jazz dance, hip hop students build strength, flexibility and stamina through a high impact warm-up and rhythmic choreography. Requirements: Clothes that you can move in, and tennis shoes. Costume for performance and or competition and recitals approx. $55-65. Int/Adv Classes will be competing and competition fees are approx. $25 & $15. ALL FEES ARE DUE FEB.1st!


This class is an introductory course in Latin, standard and social dance styles.  Emphasis will be on dance technique, leading and following, proper execution of steps, and partner dancing.  Students will have skills in social dance settings and will also have performance opportunities. Requirements: Girls in t-straps, character or ballroom shoes. Boys in soft soled shoes.  You can purchase economical shoes at (Latin dance shoes) Requirements: $40 costume rental for the year.  Due Feb 3rd.

Company and Team Requirements- to be given on separate separately